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Dr. Abby Robinson


About Dr. Abby

Dr. Abby Robinson grew up in Great Bend, KS where she was an avid swimmer competing on the summer team and her high school team.  With a passion for anatomy and learning how the body works, Dr. Abby went on to the University of Kansas to study Exercise Science.  During her time at KU, Dr. Abby developed a passion for anatomy and how the body mechanics work.  Dr. Abby then decided to further her education by attending Cleveland Chiropractic College – KC where she graduated cum laude in 2010. 

While enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic Dr. Abby attended numerous Active Release Technique (ART) seminars to become full body certified.  Dr. Abby is the only female provider for Active Release in the Lawrence/Topeka area and has over 10 years of experience.  After graduating in 2010, Dr. Abby has continued her education with many evidence based seminars including:  instrument assisted soft tissue (FST/FAKTR & Blades by RockTape), musculoskeletal injury taping (RockTape), sports screening for injury prevention (FMS), Webster Technique (Pre & Postpartum care) & neuromuscular re-education (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), & multiple McKenzie Disc Protocol & McKenzie Cervical/Thoracic Protocols.  With all of these tools, Dr. Abby is able to choose the most effective treatment plan for each patient.  A highlight of Dr. Abby’s elective coursework has been the DNS courses.  After utilizing soft tissue therapy & the chiropractic adjustment to find and reduce/eliminate the source of pain, DNS allows Dr. Abby to get to the root of most injuries - stabilization.  DNS focuses on core stabilization and proper breathing mechanics which leads to more efficient overall mobility of the extremities once the core is properly stabilized - more importantly helps you the patient get back to what you love - living life!  

In her free time Dr. Abby can be found whipping up something in the kitchen, digging in the dirt with her boys or just being active with her family!