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What are Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

As of April 2010, we have converted to a paperless office.  We are currently using an online based electronic medical record keeping system called MyPracticeSite. To access the patient portal please click here.

What to expect at your first visit.

At your first visit the doctor will do a thorough examination to determine the best treatment protocol for you and your injury.  Once the examination is over, the doctor will educate you on the details to your injury and answer any questions you may have. If appropriate, the doctor will begin your treatment by demonstrating some stretches and exercises to help your injury.

What is Stability vs Mobility

All major joints of the body are either stable to provide support to the joints above and below, or mobile to assist in full range of motion of the joints above and below.  A balanced relationship between mobility and stability is one of the factors that separate amateurs from professionals and the fit from the unfit.  The body of an elite athlete or fit individual, incorporates this relationship seamlessly through proper training and necessary soft tissue treatment.  At Peak Performance we assess and treat your injuries with a soft tissue technique, ART, as well as chiropractic care.  We also address your mobility and stability to help you get the most out of your body and your performance whether you are a serious athlete or just looking to be as fit as you can be to enjoy everyday life.



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